Thursday, July 9, 2009

Assignment 1

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson has undeniably been the topic of much discussion in the past week or so. It goes with out saying that he was a trendsetter and an idol to many but was also the center of much controversy. The "King of Pop" was undeniably neither white nor black, male nor female, and his sexuality remains a mystery.
How then was such an enigmatic and undefined individual able to conquer the musical industry in a world where so much is defined and delineated?

Victoria's Secret
I can't say I shop at Victoria's Secret tooo often but I do love the few items from the brand that I do splurge on. Most women undoubtedly feel frustrated and undermined by popular culture and the idolized images of skinny/petite women with superflous "assets," I would have to adit that I have always been amused/ thankful for the White heterosexual males in cushy boardrooms that likely come up with these images. If it wasn't for them my currently pleasureable and choice-filled shopping experience would probably turn into a never ending scavenger hunt for the right sizes.
It is rather ironic how society's perception of beautiful changes so constantly and completely. About a century ago the word beautiful was used to describe a woman who was pale skinned and buxom. Today the same word is used to describe women who are tanned and emaciated. In fact it is likely that the word "beautiful" is percieved differently in almost every culture around the world. "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" (Cheesy and cliche, I know)

Russel Peters
For a "Post Racist" world we are truellyy very racist. How else could comedians such as Russel Peters climb to the heights at which they currently revel? Call me a fruit but in the perfect world that exists in my mind, racism should be defined as the "Ability to recognize and celebrate the differences between individuals" and according to my own personal definition above we should all be racist. This is what I believe Russel Peters is able to do he openly airs the differences and stereotypes that exist in today's society, he spares no race and often proves these generalizations to be false.

Grease has always been a classic and is often used as the musical at various high schools but wowww this blogger is actually kind of completely right. I never did like that Sandy changed at the end but I never took it tooo seriously either.

Tabloids you find at the Airport

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