Friday, August 7, 2009

Final Project

Esquire a “Magazine for men’ was to a great extent about women” (Breazeale 231). Similarly, Unilever’s line of Axe grooming products for men is to some extent about women. Just as Esquire magazine, Axe objectifies and exploits women in order to create a niche for men in the beauty industry and show that their targeted consumers are unequivocally heterosexual. All of their commercials boast that any unattractive and undesirable man can use their products to instantly become sexually appealing. Our “Hatchet” commercial exposes this marketing strategy by portraying the product user as comparably unattractive to females and appealing to males.

Works Cited
Breazeale, Kenon. “In Spite of Women; Esquire Magazine and the Construction of the Male Consumer.” Gender, Race, and Class in Media 2003:230-242.

My Contributions to the group project:

  • Assisted in Screenwriting
  • Played the drug addict/gwaking passerby
  • Wrote the paragraph featured at the begining of the video
  • Snuck Pizza into the library (with the help of Keshia)


  1. I can see why you all had fun putting this video together! I think the information that you included as text in the beginning of the video is right on target with the point of the final project; which is to reinvent/recreate an element of pop culture and it’s clear that you’re trying to expose heteronormativity in the Axe ad campaigns.
    The video that follows the explanation in the beginning is a bit confusing to follow (and as someone who knows what to be looking for, I found it confusing). The main issues are the format and the overall clarity of your message. The issue with the format is that the video is a sort of after-school, special meets TV commercial, meets an episode of cops. The reason I’m thinking this conglomeration of media genres is due to the following. Assuming the audience can understand the speaking in the video, there are two conclusions:
    • The viewer sees a person wearing deodorant wearer get arrested for wearing Axe. Which would make me wonder what you’re reinventing…
    • The viewer sees a person wearing Axe, ignored by women, then arrested by a cop who has just hit on him, which would imply you’re taking a stab at Axe, but relying on pervasive homophobia to make that stab…
    Therefore, I realize from the initial text in the video, you’re trying to expose heterosexism in this ad; however, the message is lost by the end of the video…what would the reinvented product be…or would you get arrested for wearing a product like “Hatchet”? I’m not so sure what the reinvention to intervene in a positive way in popular culture by the end of the piece.

    I know you all spent a lot of time and energy on this project and it’s hardly an easy task to work in a rather big group on one collaborative project. I think you did a good job considering the amount of time you had for the project; however, your fun may have eclipsed the project’s clarity. I enjoyed teaching you all this past 5-weeks and I’m glad to enjoyed making your film and seemed to have enjoyed the course too! Take care & stay in touch :o)

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